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Terra-chan's One Piece Tv Review

One Piece

Rated: 9

This series has got to be one of the most original I have ever seen in consideration of style, characters, story and humor. The combination is really quite unique and it is very enjoyable to watch, at least if you don't mind something that obviously has a flavor of "Made for kids" even in Japanese, though moreso in the dub with alterations like changing cigarettes into lollipops. If you have any kid left in you to appreciate, you'll certainly appreciate One Piece, but if you can't stand things that are too ridiculously silly (as One Piece can seem at first glance) never fear for there are also very serious moral dilemmas in this series and tragic histories for several characters with many difficult decisions for characters to take.

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Terra-chan's Kyou Kara Maou Tv Review

Kyou Kara Maou

Rated: 8

The story elements of KKM are that of a parody. Every character in this show parodies or is meant to be a generic character to the extreme... It looks like your generic "Hero sent to another world to Save the day" story, but it's not. Instead of being a Holy Warrior, he's a Demon King, instead of defeating demons he's to defeat humans. All of his retainers are different stereotypical bishounen and the women of the castle are very wild and controlling. It's a very fun story that works with all of the general cliches you'd see in a fantasy anime and make them into something you wouldn't expect... or at least, Yuuri doesn't suspect XD. This show likes to turn the most minor insignificant character you encounter into a useful player later in the show.

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